What is Anchor Text?

Internet marketing is already one of the biggest, and most popular kinds of service businesses in Richmond are into. If you are one of the internet marketers who is into this business, then you do know what it means to have a powerful and convincing anchor text.  Anchor text is one of the most powerful tools in SEO. It can raise your SEO ranking if you know how to use and place them properly.

Anchor Text is what makes your website popular which would link your website and other documents to other location.  As what you can see in clickable blue hyperlink text, this anchor text is created in by using an HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code. Its role is very important in linking page. Also, it also determines the search engine to fine websites for over optimization and spam.  Richmond SEO has been into internet marketing, and that using anchor text to link various websites effectively markets its products and fully understands what customers need. Through different kinds of marketing strategies, anchor text helps build stronger communication among its clients and the company. The importance of an anchor text can break or make your SEO marketing campaign, and that is why you need to know the various kinds of anchor text that you would be using in internet marketing.


  1. Branded Anchor Text – the brand name is used as an anchor text. Sites and brands that are well known mostly use this kind of anchor text.
  2. Generic Anchors – these are the more common type of anchor text that you would usually see in websites saying as “go here “ or “ click here” used as part of the sentence.
  3. Naked Link Anchors – this uses the URL that links to a website. These are some examples of a naked link anchor www. Yours. Com and Https: //yours.com/.
  4. Image Anchors –to take hold of your website profile, you can use an image anchor wherein the Google will be able to read the “alt“ as the anchor text.
  5. Brand + Keyword Anchor – it is another effective and safe way to use and anchor text in building a strong profile. A choice of keyword and your brand name are combined to use as an anchor text. It is highly effective.
  6. LSI Anchors – Latent Semantic Indexing are various synonyms wherein you can see the various searches at the end of the inquiry.
  7. Exact Match – among all the important type of anchor text that can improve your website ranking. This can also be the anchor text that will penalize you in having an exact anchor text.
  8. Long Tail Anchors – these are the longer anchor text you can see in blue color. This is the same as in partial match anchor text.
  9. Partial Match Anchor Text – the keywords that are present are usually the partial match of the anchor text and are as well long.

Using the right kind of anchor text will make your site get in higher rankings which make your website get a lot of attention from internet users. So make sure the quality content of your website will match with the kind of style that you use with your anchor text.